History Thai Overseas Manpower Association

Association Introduction

  • Founded by former Director General of the Department of Employment, Prasit Chaitongpan, Grerksak Sakbodin of Grerks Thai Enterprise Recruitment Co., Ltd. and Mr. Bovorn Sripaurya of Al-Rubaian & Associated Manpower Co., Ltd.
  • Representing the interests of the manpower supply business in Thailand
  • 85 out of the 140 Recruitments Agents in Thailand are TOMA members

Association Aims

  • Promote the overseas employment of Thai workers.
  • Improve recruitment agent services.
  • Improve worker job skills.
  • Improve recruitment & skill testing facilities.
  • Protect the reputation of Thailand, Thai workers & recruitment agents.
  • Protect Thai workers from possible exploitation.
  • Assist in resolving disputes or problems between any concerned parties.
  • Provide recruitment agents with market and feedback information.
  • Provide employers with employment and recruitment information.

Overseas Employment Law

Recruitment for overseas employment is strictly controlled and regulated by the Thai government under the Jobseeker protection Act. The aspects of the law relevant to Employers are:

Recruitment Agents - Only government licensed Recruitment Agents are permitted to recruit for overseas employment.

Employment Terms - The Terms of Employment must be approved by the Department of Employment.

Work Permits - The Employer must be legally permitted to operate in the country of employment and have the government permission to employ workers from Thailand

Employment Documents – The Employer must provide relevant documentation to evidence compliance with the above regulations.

Employment Conditions - Thai Consulate office must be allowed access to interview workers and inspect working and living conditions if necessary.

Employment Documents

The Employer must provide the Recruitment Agent with the following documents.

Power of Attorney

Authorizing the Recruitment Agent to recruit on the Employer behalf.

Demand Letter

Specifying the job positions, number of vacancies and wages.

Employment Contract

Specimen copy of the employment contract specifying the Employer terms offered.

Employer Business License

Company registration certificate or other document to evidence that the Employer is legally permitted to carry out business in the country of employment.

Thai Embassy Confirmation Letter


Letter from the Thai Embassy to confirm the place and type of work is in accordance with the demand requirements and living/working conditions.

  • Documents must be in English or a certified translation.
  • Documents must be submitted to the Department of Employment for recruitment approval.


Employment Terms

These are the minimum terms of employment that must be offered:


Rate less than Thai Department of Employment rates or minimum salary in the host country – whichever is higher or market rate.

Contract Period

Limited and clearly stated.

Working Hours

8 hours per day – 26 days per month or subject to Local Labour Laws.

Air Ticket

Round trip air travel to be provided free by the Employer.

Food & Accommodation

Provided free by Employer or adequate allowance given.


Overtime, sick leave, insurance, holidays and others as per Local Labour Laws.

  • Employment terms must be stated in the employment contract.
  • A draft employment contract must be submitted to the DOE.
  • Employment terms must be approved by the DOE before recruitment starts.
  • DOE minimum salary rates vary according to country of employment and job level.

Recruitment Agents

There are 140 government licensed Recruitment Agents in Thailand, 85 of which are TOMA members. TOMA can provide Employers with TOMA members contact details.

Choosing the Agent most suitable for the Employer’s needs is considered a critical first step in the recruitment process. Agent pre-qualification or selection criteria often include:

  • Experience in recruiting for the type of project or job categories.
  • Experience in recruiting for the country or region of employment.
  • Experience in recruiting for the size of workforce required.
  • Availability of suitable skill testing & training facilities.

Certification to recognized international standards.

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