Association Code of Conduct Thai Overseas Manpower Association

Association Code of Conduct

1. Must not shows intention of cheating and deceiving of job applicants directly or indirectly.
2. Must not take applicant to have skill test, physical examination, examination of personal records without having actual job position
3. Shall not execute marketing by bringing damage to the country or cause applicant to pay additional expense or destroy reputation of competitor.
4. Must be responsible for, workers dispatched overseas, when they do not receive justice to comply with employment contract or face adversity overseas.
5. Shall not collect placement fee from applicant in excess rate specified by law.
6. Must not process to illegally dispatch applicant overseas.
7. Must not act as ostensible agent for dispatching workers overseas.
8. Must not cooperate or conspire with foreign employer in impairment of benefits of applicants, which is entitled according to the law or employment contract for benefits of Employer or Recruitment Agent.
9. Shall be dynamic and diversity to Global Economy.

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