Principal Objectives Thai Overseas Manpower Association

 Principal Objectives

(1)    Promote foreign employment placement.
(2)    Support and help members to solve problems including negotiating with the outsiders for mutual benefit in the foreign placement to benefit members and workers.
(3)    Research on the type of business in the objects, exchange and propagate technological knowledge, including news on foreign employment placement.
(4)    Request for statistics or document or statement from a member on the type of business in the objective, however with consent of the member.
(5)    Promote the members to develop knowledge, ability, efficiency, and discipline of the workers working overseas to meet the standard.
(6)    Cooperate with the government in promoting foreign employment to reduce the cost of the workers working overseas to prevent fraud and racketeering.  
(7)    Promote production of human resources to have sufficient quantity to meet the demand of foreign labor marker.
(8)    Reach agreement or institute regulations and ethics for the members, or omit the practice of certain business for the business in the objects to go smoothly.
(9)    Make a compromise on a dispute among the members, or between a member and a worker, or a member and a third party in the business operations.  
(10)    Promote the training venue of the private sector to meet the demand of a foreign labor market.
(11)    Promote the skill-testing venue to meet the standards of the foreign labor.
(12)    Promote the members to use a legal financial institution for workers to borrow for the placement expense to reduce the burden on interest.
(13)    No objectivity on setting up a billiard or snooker table.
(14)    No objectivity in sharing profit or income with the members or polities participation.
(15)    Test the behavior and business operations of the members and issue a certificate of certification in the business as requested by a member or the government.
(16)    It has no objectivity in the following matters:

(16.1)    Operate the business by the association or do the business of the members or hold shares as a partner or becomes a joint venture with anyone.
(16.2)    Do by all means to depress the service fees to fall excessively or too high or cause disturbance on the service fees.
(16.3)    Give or lend money to a member or anyone except for charity or humanitarian reason or appropriateness for the society.
(16.4)    Do by all means to increase, decrease, or limit the number of overseas workers, and that implementation damages the internal or external market or the economy of the country.
(16.5)    Do by all means to destroy the normal completion that is the normal business except complying with the policy or governmental regulation.
(16.6)    Do by all means to endanger the economy and security of the country or peace or good morals of the people.
(16.7)    Hinder or obstruct anyone who has the qualification to become a member in accordance with the rules of the association, or force anyone to become a member involuntarily, or leave the association in bad faith, or is against the association rules.
(16.8)    Disclose statistics, documents or statements related to the conflict of interest of the member except by prior consent in writing from that member.

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